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Friday, 24 July 2015 00:00

My Celebrity Daydream for It's Good 2 Give

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As many of you know, I’ve been getting treatment for breast cancer – last chemotherapy treatment was last Thursday (thank goodness – me and chemo really didn’t like each other).  Today I had a CT Scan in preparation for 3 weeks' daily radiotherapy starting 23 July.  The past five months have been quite horrible and again and again I think of the kids and teens undergoing similar treatment, enduring similar and far worse side effects and knowing that some of them won’t make it and some who do make it, have life long consequences.

I can’t cure cancer but I can, through It’s Good 2 Give, do something to make it a tiny bit better during treatment.  We hope to get building the Ripple Retreat very soon – inevitable delays but we are almost there! Latest date to start digging is.......

I am busy working on a pledge book – you know, like buying a brick or roof tile except in our case it is pledging an item for the Retreat – like 4 mugs, the sofa, kitchen tools, plants for the garden.   Watch this space for news of that coming soon.  

So, picture the scene.........

I am hosting a lunch and we are at the Retreat.  The food is cooked by Ristorante Contini and Cannonball House’s Suzanne, the Contini’s top chef and of course Victor and Carina are with us.

Organising the music is Grant Stott, of course, with help (because we would have vinyl as well as you know ipod stuff) Ian Rankin and maybe having a mini Zumba class would be Lorraine Kelly.

Opening our bike track the one and only Sir Chris (yeah yeah it’s a teeny tiny bike track but hey it’s my daydream), Lynsey Sharp would organise a wee run, Sara Sheridan and Cathy Cassidy are in the library corner of the lounge sorting the books.  Dr Who is checking out the area for possible future episodes.

The tennis court is ready and since it’s a daydream there is only one Scot who could possibly christen it and he shares a surname with me (well, my maiden name at any rate).  He brings his mum and bro along too of course.

Keeping an eye (in the nicest possible way) on the chef in the kitchen is our Ripple Retreat almost neighbour and celebrity chef Nick Nairn and he has brought his pal, Steven Jardine along, (he is also pals with Grant, Victor and Carina so it’s a jolly affair).

Sally Magnusson is popping by as (again, I say, this is my daydream so personal stuff is ok) I wrote to her when I started fundraising 10 years ago and she sent me a lovely letter with good wishes so I wanted her along to this lunch to see what it had all been about!

Live music is good too and out on the balcony taking it in turns to entertain – The Proclaimers, Red Hot Chilli Pipers (they might have to be down at the pier – they are quite loud), Eddi Reader, Paolo Nutini, Travis (I’ve actually met them and they were super nice)

We’d want a bit of a laugh too so Grant’s mates Andy and Allan would be there.

What do you think?  Sound like your kind of party?

Hey, I enjoyed it in my daydream…………

new note added 9 July – friends have commented and want to invite Ewan McGregor too!

and all will be transported there in our Lothian Bus!

Written by Lynne McNicoll, OBE - Founder & Chair - It's Good 2 Give 

Please do get in touch with Lynne to help in any way -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dated 7 July 2015