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Barra Bear and Carly Cat's Teeny Tiny Tour of Scotland

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Barra Bear and Carly Cat’s

Teeny Tiny Tour of Scotland

“The Further Adventures of Two Best Friends”

 By  Marjory Muir

 Barra Bear and Carly Cat’s Teeny Tiny Tour of Scotland – The Further Adventures of Two Best Friends is Inverness born, Scottish Author Marjory Muir’s second book. 

   Read Marjory’s new book about Barra Bear and Carly Cat’s recent adventures in  Scotland ……….and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!!    

In this book, Barra Bear and Carly Cat explore new Scottish places and meet lots of new people.  The two best friends have been given a “Mission Possible 2”.  What is their “Mission”?  Follow Barra Bear, Carly Cat and friends on their amazing adventures around Scotland and you will find out!

On a visit to the Kelpies they touch the lucky horseshoe – did that help their favourite football team win The Scottish Cup?  Was that their “Mission”? 

This is a really colourful book filled with lots of  fun photographs of the two Star Characters on their travels to different places and towns around Scotland which any child (or adult!) will enjoy!! 

Buzz Scotland Interview with Marjory Muir

BS: Hello Marjory - thanks for joining us.  First of all, can you tell us a bit more about Barra Bear and Carly Cat? How did you come up with the names and style of the characters for your children’s books?

MM: It all started with a Ginger Cat that fancied a wee jaunt in my nephew’s van.  He hadn’t noticed it had made itself comfortable in the front seat until he was a few miles down the road and nearly jumped out of his skin when he realised it was there.  It wasn’t this that was so funny but the way he recounted the story over a family Sunday lunch, we were all roaring with laughter and he didn’t seem to get why we were all laughing so much.  My son kept the joke up for months afterwards with lots of comments about cat encounters and the ideal Christmas present for my nephew, Tango the Ginger Cat!   Tango proved so popular that I was inundated with requests to make cats in all colours.

I then made a crocheted bear for another of my nephews and surprise, surprise, requests poured in for my bears!   Barra Bear and Carly Cat then came along as my own cat and bear, with the names chosen as I just thought they suited them.

My son who was doing his Duke of Edinburgh Award had chosen photography as his skill and opted to create a Scottish Scenery Calendar of his favourite local touristy places and I suggested he could include Barra and Carly in the pics, nobody would have a calendar like that! He initially thought this was a great idea until we started getting strange looks and comments from people wondering what on earth we were doing.  “Art Project” was the response and everyone went past smiling away to themselves.

I jokingly said to my son that I could write wee stories about what Barra and Carly got up to at all the places we visited.   He and my husband thought I was bonkers but this made me more determined to do it.  To my amazement a local publisher decided our first book was good enough to publish and we even reached 5th best seller on Amazon in children’s e-books on bears, above Goldilocks and the 3 Bears! 

I wasn’t sure whether to write a follow-up book but I have been persuaded to by all the lovely people who have bought and enjoyed our first book so much, so here we are with Barra and Carly’s second book of adventures, their Teeny Tiny Tour of Scotland. 

BS: Do you make your own characters, crafts?  Can these be purchased by the general public?  If so, do you donate the profits to Highland Hospice?

MM: Yes, I make all the characters in my books myself, they are all cousins of Barra and Carly.   Barra Bear and Carly Cat are a Registered Trademark and all their cousins I make have a special tag with their name to confirm that they are handcrafted by myself and are indeed cousins of Barra and Carly.   Many of Barra and Carly’s cousins have emigrated to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, lots more place to visit when Barra and Carly go on their world tour!

The cousins are handmade to order and can be made in any colour.  The profits from the cousins are also donated to Highland Hospice.   I also make the wee smiles and big smiles that are featured in our second book and 100% of the proceeds from these are donated to Highland Hospice.

BS: Inverness is said to be the happiest place to live in Scotland – do you agree?

MM: Inverness is definitely a very happy place to live but everyone makes their own happiness wherever they live.  Perhaps Barra and Carly help to make Inverness the happiest place to live in Scotland!    We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Scotland where everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  Barra and Carly are excellent tourism ambassadors for the whole of Scotland, there are so many wonderful places to discover and adventures to create.

BS: You donate the profits from the sale of the books to The Highland Hospice.  Can you tell us more about The Highland Hospice (e.g. what the money you raise goes towards?)

MM: Highland Hospice provides palliative care to improve the quality of life for people throughout the Highlands with life limiting illnesses and also does a wonderful job of supporting families and carers too.   I have personal experience of Highland Hospice being very good to my father and our family in his final weeks 25 years ago and several of my friends have also been very well looked after by their wonderful staff.  

We are raising money to purchase bricks for Highland Hospice’s Project Build Appeal, a new extension to provide improved facilities and support to both their in-patients and those who use the services of Highland Hospice on a day to day basis.   We raised £585 from our first book and we are hoping to raise as much, if not more from our second book. 

Profits from the sale of the books go to The Highland Hospice. 

Purchase a copy of the book from Amazon UK at https://t.co/MkFYpNz45N


Buzz Scotland would like to thank Marjory for the photo and for such a great interview!  Please give Highland Hospice and Marjory your support by purchasing a copy of this lovely book - Thankyou!

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